Aden L
Great service for some tasty food! Reminds me of Thailand.
Carrie Weikel Delaplane
Got the herbal roll and pad Thai and a FREE Thai iced tea with coconut milk. The service was incredible and they took great care with my family’s dietary needs. The herbal roll is fresh and loaded with basil and the rice paper is perfectly chewy. The pad Thai was an umami delight and the balance was noteworthy. Definitely worth it and will be back. Used door dash so didn’t actually experience the restaurant in person.
Erin C.
Very friendly staff, went in on the 4th for a late lunch. Food was quick and good. They brought out free fries for my son which was awesome to hold him over until his food came out. Casual and comfortable.
Jaye E.
Came here on a whim with my partner, which ended up being a great experience! This place is kind of tucked away and easy to miss, especially since there are so many Thai places in the area. They also apparently came under new management in June and the female owner we met (forgot to get her name, sorry!) was so sweet and I could tell how excited she was to start her business. The ambiance is colorful and a bit romantic. We got the khao man gai and nam prik ong (never had this kind of nam prik ong, but it was sooo good). The drunken noodles could've used more sauce, but was also pretty good!
Winnie C
I frequent this area and I believe this restaurant just opened few days ago. Today is Jun 23, 2023. Not quite sure where the earlier reviews came from. Anyway, this is a very nice dining environment. I ordered satay chicken with their homemade peanut sauce and Khao Man Gai (boiled chicken with ginger rice), both were delicious. My order is more than $20 & I got a glass of free Thai iced tea (so yay!). There are two types of Thai iced tea they offer, the regular and green tea. You can choose to use regular or coconut milk :) This Khao Man Gai reminded me of the Chinese version of Hainan Steamed Chicken Rice. The main differences that I could tell are the way the chicken was prepared, the rice and the sauce - the chicken from this Khao Man Gai dish was from the skinless breast boiled and later seasoned with a little bit sesame oil and soy sauce & the sauce is gingerly. This restaurant is of a different ownership from the previous. I didn't like the previous one and I like this new restaurant better, both in terms of the menu option and staff friendliness. It is a self-service though. I ordered at the cashier and have to bus my own table when I was done. No biggie, just something to keep in mind. There is a parking lot in front.